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Spirit Property Services

A division of Integral Services Group that is aimed at highlighting Indigenous talents and services. It’s a partnership that brings clients a more culturally diverse perspective and expertise, resulting in more innovative solutions. It caters to all industries with a particular focus on those with specific Indigenous needs in staffing, community engagement and niche solutions. Spirit Property Services currently offers its services in the Prairie region of Canada.

These services are backed by the expansive resources of Integral Services Group to support the goal of enhancing diversity in businesses by providing a platform for Indigenous organizations to thrive.

Indigenous Background

Janice Larocque – Sector President

As a Mètis business woman, Janice has always been acutely aware of the challenges that indigenous people face when it comes to seeking employment. Set on a mission to create equal opportunities, she started her own recruitment company back in 1998, Spirit Staffing. Through her work, Janice has helped thousands of people find prosperous careers in various fields and has been acknowledged in the community, winning nine awards in recognition of her efforts.  

Alongside the extensive resources and expertise of Integral Services Group, Spirit Property Services was a perfect fit for Janice as she continues on her mission of providing employment to various bands. Equally, Spirit Property Services will greatly benefit from the valuable understanding of the indigenous community Janice brings along with her deep knowledge of the challenges they face and the innovative and diverse thinking that they can bring to an organization.  

The formidable team of Spirit Property Services provides suitable solutions to clients’ needs with diversity at the core of it. We know that one size doesn’t fit all so our services are customizable and benefit from the different perspectives that our team brings to the table.

Our Services

Caretaking / Custodial Services

Custodial Services require much more than just an understanding of building maintenance. In order to excel, those within the caretaking and custodial services must know every aspect of the building, must be familiar with the characteristics of the land and must possess the interpersonal skills needed to connect with the community they operate in. Across the Prairie, an indigenous focused approach is where the difference lies between a good service and an exceptional one. Contact us today for a free quote.

Indigenous Partnerships

Our Spirit Property Services emerged from the indigenous community making it centred with strong local support and contacts within the community. This network consists of professionals and skilled workers with years of experience and expertise in their line of work. Regardless of the type of labour you need, we can help you find the perfect match within the community who will not only bring their industry know-how but also their local knowledge and aptitude that will help you thrive. Contact us today for a free quote.

Facility Disinfecting Services

By utilizing the Integral Services Group resources, Spirit Property Services provides industry leading cleaning and disinfecting services. Solutions can be tailored to any business need so regardless of property size, surface type, textures in the building, or the time that suits your operations, Spirit Property Services can help. Spirit Property Services uses best in class technologies and keeps up-to-date with industry trends ensuring that you always receive the best on the market. Contact us today for a free quote.


Government Agencies

Government agency facilities are visited by  people many times a day, they service the general public in every community. A clean, safe and well maintained facility is critical to  smooth operations. We offer a reliable, effective and efficient customizable solution to every government facilities in the country. Contact us today.

Utility Companies

Through employing our connection to the indigenous community, the roots we have within the indigenous community and our wide network of professionals within the indigenous community, Spirit Property Services is ideally placed to specialize in servicing utility companies across the Prairie. Contact us today.

Natural Resource Companies

Our own roots within the indigenous community has Spirit Property Services ideally situated to offer strategic and tactical services to natural resource companies. Regardless of the location you’re operating within or the type of resources that you specialize in, Spirit Property Services can help. Contact us today.

Why Choose Spirit Property Services


What really makes Spirit Property Services stand out as unique is our notable experience and expertise. Spirit Property Services is proud to have a well-established Indigenous woman as a partner and hugely benefits from the 30+ years of previous experience that she brings to the table. Her community understanding and involvement is a valuable resource that allows us to bring a best in class service when coupled with the Integral Services Group industry expertise.


Here at Spirit Property Services we don’t believe in a one size fits all solution when it comes to your business needs or the challenges you face which is why all of our services are customizable. Additionally, the different perspectives our team brings based on their industry understanding and expertise is a unique asset that elevates our service and provides us with the ability to develop solutions that are diverse and innovative.


Being a division of the Integral Services Group means that Spirit Property Services has access to the continuously growing knowledge of a team of experts, a wealth of industry experience and access to extensive resources. Spirit Property Services shares Integral Services Groups principles of integrity, reliability, innovation and long-term business partnership with a focus on customer service, thriving to exceed client expectations every time.