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ISP Clients

From restaurants, to bars, relaxation resorts to schools, there is no shortage of business and property types that can’t benefit from the ISP Program. Moxie’s, WestWood Platea, Ainswoth, Joseph Richards Group, Donnellans Irish pub, the Shamrock bar, Revelstone Mountain Resort, S+L, Southpointe Academy, White Rock Christian Academy and Wyndham Hotel Group are among some of our more recent adopters that are enjoying the benefits of the program.


We love getting involved with sponsorship opportunities such as the recent BCHA & TIABC webinar, Tourism & Hospitality Industry Update Webinar. What really stood out to us was the importance the role of consumer confidence will play in helping to refuel the hospitality industry. Head over to our LinkedIn page to see more of our take aways from the webinar.


HVAC are the lungs of a building so it’s critical to keep them as clean and clear as possible. Most existing protocols for cleaning HVAC systems are impractical, inefficient and costly. The ISP Program on the other hand is a cost-effective and efficient way to keep your HVAC systems safe. The ISP Program is powered by AEGIS Microbe Shield and has been proven to drastically reduce the growth of microbes and pathogens in treated HVAC systems, improving the quality of the air exiting.


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How outsourced housekeeping can save you money and improve operations.

As travel recommences across the country, hotels will be kept busy as guests flood through. Although positive for restarting the industry, on the flip side it puts a strain on business operations, particularly when it comes to housekeeping staff. A direct solution to...

Tourism Saskatoon

In order to enhance their cleaning protocols further, Hilton and it’s local management team adopted the Integral Surface Protection Program. On-going test of sites after application is showing incredible results of enduring protection as a result of the program.

Emily Carr

Integral Services Group is proud to announce a new six-year partnership to provide janitorial services to the Emily Carr University campus. This was a process run by Johnson Controls and is a P3 agreement that includes Emily Carr University and Fengate LP.