Jason Drew

Jason Drew

President & CEO - Integral Services Group

To tell the story of Integral Building Maintenance, I need to take you back to 1984, when my parents, Brigitte and Keith Drew incorporated Executive Building Maintenance in the province of BC.  They quickly became known for their attention to detail and being fair to their client and employees.  Over the next 17 years they grew at a slow but steady pace and built a wonderful family-run business.

In 2001 I began working with my parents in the family business, focused mainly on operations. The first account that I worked on was the City of Vancouver, when we were awarded 3 sites. Over the next 6 years I helped expand our City of Vancouver portfolio from 3 sites to 55 sites.  This was the first time that the City had ever awarded all their business to one provider, which became a great source of pride for our whole team.

In 2015 I came to a crossroads in my life. I had moved up to become the CEO of Executive and was working side-by-side with my parents, who were still involved daily. Even though life was good, and things were going exceptionally well, I felt it was time to set out on my own, to build not only a company, but a brand.  I had watched the success of other companies over the years and it always left me wondering ‘why haven’t we grown at the same speed?’.  After a lot of time spent discussing options with friends and even more time with my wife, we decided that it was the right move for us. We found new office and warehouse space and in 2015 we incorporated Integral Building Maintenance.

Beginning in 2015, Integral has evolved into British Columbia’s fastest growing janitorial services company.  Today we are cleaning more than 7 million square feet and we have aggressive growth goals for the next decade or more. Our specialized divisions and our years of experience in excellence will be vital in achieving that growth. When I think about what separates us from others, I always come back to our front-line staff.  I know there is a lot of rhetoric out there in our industry, but respecting our staff, the lifeline of our company, is very important to our entire team.

Sitting here, writing this and thinking about the potential of this organization, I am filled with pride. I put the fundamentals in place many years ago and my team continues to deliver on them.  Integrity, perseverance, honesty….all so important, but the most important of all, is that everyone in our organization, from our management to our front line staff, are all treated fairly, each and every day.

To really continue the story of Integral, I am going to pass this next section over to Brett Mollard.

Brett Mollard

Brett Mollard

Partner – Sales | Client Success - Integral Services Group

In 2010, while doing a site tour at the City of Vancouver, I happened to start chatting with an annoyingly charming competitor. 😉 That competitor turned out to be Jason. Over the years, even though we were competitors, Jason and I became fast friends. We had always discussed what working together would look like, but for years we danced around things, unable to find the perfect time.

Through the years I continued to watch Integral from the outside.  I had never seen a company maintain such a high standard of relationships with their clients. I knew, from working with the bigger national and global companies out there, that Jason and Integral had some type of secret sauce that we were not able to provide. I could also see that Integral was treating their employees with a different level of respect, and I approved.

By 2019, I was in much the same position as Jason was in 2016. I felt it was time to leverage my knowledge of the industry, my relationships and build an organization where I had a vested interest.  Jason and I started to take our conversations much more seriously and asked ourselves ‘what would it look like?  how can we both achieve our goals?’.  After we worked out the minor details of what a partnership was going to look like, I resigned as VP of Sales at one of the large, national service providers and got to work with Integral.

Through the years I have become something of a generalist. I have spent time in chemical and supply sales, I have spent time selling services and I have sold into close to a dozen different market sectors….in all that time, working for multiple companies, I have learned that the most important thing we can do, be in in sales or operations, is listen to our clients.  That has become our mantra.  We educate ourselves on bringing better solutions, constantly, and fit those puzzle pieces together with the needs of our clients.  Sounds simple, right?

When I get time to put my phone and laptop aside, I am continually entertained by my wonderful wife and two beautiful little girls.  Those little clowns make this all worthwhile.

For the final piece of the puzzle, I am going to hand things over to our third partner, Craig Brown.

Craig Brown

Craig Brown

Partner & COO - Integral Services Group

In 2008, after several years working in Chemical/Paper Supplies, I took a role within the service side of the industry with a growing janitorial services provider. From 2008 until the start of 2020, I worked in a number of different roles, from sales to operations, working with clients in the boardroom, on the front lines at their facilities, and in a managerial capacity. I gained a wealth of experience, and found that my passion for this industry was centered in my interactions with people, from our front-line cleaners to the clients we proudly served.

As you can imagine, being a vital cog in a company during its real growth phase is exciting. Watching the people I worked with every day grow and develop, and carry their passion into the field, was extremely rewarding. We celebrated our successes together, and buckled down when a challenge presented itself, knowing that dedication and hard work would ultimately carry the day.

As I watched that growth, I always wondered how great it would feel to build something like that for myself. I had worked with Brett more than once over the last dozen years, and when he decided to strike out on his own and join Jason, I decided that it was time to see if they wanted to add a third musketeer. I truly believed that, as successful as we had all been in our own ways, that we shared a vision of how we could “change the paradigm” and find a balance that had escaped many of the industry’s leaders. Jason’s organization intrigued me, since he displayed a stability of clients and staff that I had seldom encountered, and the loyalty and passion to “do things the right way” each and every time was a testament to the family values that he had instilled throughout his company.

The most exciting thing about this partnership is working with an organization that is recognized as ‘caring’.  Having now met many Integral customers, I always leave with a feeling of excitement, having seen how strong these existing relationships are, and know that I’ve allied myself with a team whose operations truly embody the concept of integrity that inspired the name.

Unlike the other partners, my children are all fully grown and living on their own, allowing me to more frequently utilize my stunningly mediocre talents on the bass guitar in a band with life-long friends, and my even more depressing efforts with a golf club in hand remind me that I must love that game to keep showing up!

Keith Drew

Keith Drew

General Manager - Integral Building Maintenance

In the early 80’s, I was working in the janitorial services sector for little-known Arodal Janitorial Services and I found myself continually wondering what it would be like to work for myself, to bring my values to clients and to build strong relationships with my staff. In 1984, I decided to take the plunge and incorporated Executive Building Maintenance Inc. 12 months later, I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I had made the right decision. It provided a fantastic living for myself and for my family and I woke up every day, refreshed and ready to make a difference.

All these years later, my son Jason, decided to branch out on his own and I jumped at the chance to work with him. I have seen this industry change so much and I have a wealth of knowledge that I love to pour into our team. It is such an awesome experience to be working together in the same industry I have been involved in for more than 40 years!

Remon Jubran

Remon Jubran

Director of Operations - BC Region - Integral Services Group

I spent the first decade of my career working in customer service and quality assurance, in the same building downtown on Granville. Behind those closed doors, I felt like a was a small part of a big machine. I had known Jason for more than 15 years at that time and always wondered what it would be like to work with a close friend.

In 2017 the opportunity came. Jason incorporated Integral in 2015 and he had grown to the point that he needed a Regional Ops Manager and somebody with an eye for detail to run his Quality Assurance Department. I immediately knew I had found the perfect fit.

My strengths? I have a unique ability to see a need and avoid an issue before it ever comes into play. I work hard with my front-line staff to ensure every customer is completely satisfied. My weaknesses? I will chat your ear off if I get the chance. My role has evolved a number of times at Integral, I am extremely proud of what we are doing in the Janitorial Services space and I can’t wait for the next challenge sent my way.

On days away, you might find me hacking up my local golf course, in Kelowna on a boat or having a
cocktail with my wonderful wife, Heather.

Bill Gaddu

Bill Gaddu

Operations Manager - Integral Services Group

When I heard that Jason was moving to create his own brand in 2015, I immediately made my interest known. At that time I had been in the industry for 23 years and had worked for several of the large national and global service providers.

The thing that I am most proud of, is the knowledge I have been able to pass down to our cleaners and our project crews. The fact is, anyone can mop a floor…but very few can mop it properly. The same can be said for stripping wax, applying wax, extracting carpets and almost any other project work you can think of. The fact that I can show people how to perform these tasks properly and how to do it in a timely manner, makes me smile.

I am very proud to work for an organization that puts our cleaners and clients as our number one priority, every single day. As an Operations Manager, I am heavily involved in training our team and ensuring the expectations for each task are completed efficiently and effectively. I am also in charge of the floor care maintenance program and training our floor technicians.

When I have the time to get away, my family and football (the real kind) are my passion. Go Aston Villa!

Leones Guinto

Leones Guinto

Operations Manager - Integral Services Group

Wow, where do I start?  My entire career has been spent in Food Services and Hospitality, starting with Tim Horton’s while I was in school.  I quickly developed a love for the industry, and more than anything, I developed a love for developing processes and training staff.  I quickly became a Regional Training Manager and moved from store to store to help increase employee engagement and, even more, our audit scores when it came to processes.

The next move I made was to the Fairmont Pacific Rim.  I started in the Banquet areas and then the hotel offered me a role supervising the Stewards Department. While this wasn’t something I expected, I took the role with intentions of completely turning that department around. I accomplished my goal and was named the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Employee of the Year the next three consecutive years. I take so much pride in that, as we had more than 500 employees. 

Most recently, I worked at the Parq Hotel, where I was Manager in change of all cleaning protocols, waste and recycling and repair and maintenance of all equipment. The smooth operations of the six restaurants on-site became a passion of mine.

When I had the opportunity to join Jason and the team at Integral, it was a bit of a no-brainer for me. It was very evident to me that they are an organization that is growing very quickly, they immediately gave me a great deal of responsibility and the trust that they put in me, so quickly, was impressive. 

I know that Remon will be your first line of contact, but I am really looking forward to getting to know every manager at all your fine establishments. My role keeps me on the road constantly and I work, together with our cleaners to ensure that you are getting great service, every day.

Victoria Plett

Victoria Plett

Sales Director - Manitoba and Saskatchewan - Integral Services Group

When I first sat down to write this biography, I realized how diverse my experience is! It is not surprising given my love for travel and for change, that I am not one to stand in one spot for any great length of time.

In the late-90’s I began my career in the hospitality industry, with both Earl’s and The Keg. Looking back now, those years really were the start of my journey in sales. I loved the break-neck speed of the industry and, even more, I loved the people. During those years I started a family, and have two amazing daughters, Julia and Bayliegh. Shockingly enough (to me), they are both in their 20’s.

I also have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, and over the years have owned/operated a licensed daycare and a hot yoga studio. Coaching fastball has become a passion of mine and, being a tried-and-true Manitoban, ‘lake country’ has a special place in my heart.

Most recently I worked in sales, selling outdoor playground equipment. Sales have always felt like a natural fit for me and I like the fact that the ISP Program brings a new kind of value to my clients.

Today, I have a new little superstar in my life, Max. Just when my girls reach their 20’s, my partner and I decided ‘what the heck’! Balancing Max and work will be interesting, but I am up for the challenge. smile

Adele Boudreau

Adele Boudreau

Sales Director - Southern Alberta - Integral Services Group

I have been in the corporate services/office management services area for more than 20 years now.  Over the years I worked closely with all levels of staff including the c-suite, vendors, contractors, and building operations. In my most recent position, I oversaw several buildings throughout North America which led the teams from our head office in Calgary.  In that position, I was in charge of included security, the daycare, the cafeteria, and all of the office services staff.  

In 2014,  I met Brett while reviewing a business divestiture opportunity.  While that didn’t work out, we did continue to stay connected and now here I am working with Brett at Integral. I saw what the Integral team was up to and I reached out to Brett to see if there might be an opportunity to represent the Integral Surface Protection Program here in the Calgary market and to my delight, it worked out perfectly. 

I like the fact that Integral isn’t a COVID-company, and that our program can help people get back to normal.  I actually was exposed to Aegis 5 years ago and looked at using it at our facilities, but the timing wasn’t right.  How could I have known at the time that one day I would be bringing the same product to the market?  Amazing. I believe in the science behind this product that has proven studies to demonstrate the effectiveness, and that is why I am excited to help others see the value and benefits it will bring to their facilities too.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time at home with my husband, my mother and our dog Baxter.  We also enjoy escaping to our riverfront property in BC over long weekends during the spring and summer months. One of my more recent personal growth goals that I have been working on has been to learn and train twice per week as a powerlifter and I am loving it and slowly seeing the results from my hard work and efforts. 

I am excited every day because the program we have developed is really helping people….does it get any better than that?

Brian Gibson

Brian Gibson

Sales Director – Northern Alberta – Integral Services Group

I have always worked in Business Development and Account Management. Looking back now, it was always a natural fit for me, so I never really considered going in any other direction. I have a pile of experience working with large and small food service companies, which fit perfectly with my love of food and the Hospitality Industry in general.

If I had to tell somebody what my greatest achievement was, I would say that it has been establishing long-lasting relationships with stakeholders at many of the largest foodservice companies across the nation. Relationships are not as easy to develop as they used to be, with buying groups, and heavily procured ‘processes’, but I can assure you, don’t be discouraged, it is still possible.  

I joined the team at Integral because I saw the potential of the ISP Program.  Plain and simple, there is nothing like it, and I am excited that we are the group that gets to bring this program to the public.

My daughters are grown now, which is sometimes still hard to believe….but that means that I get to spend even more time with my wife.  In my spare time, I like trying out new recipes, riding my motorcycle and attempting to train my (rather large) puppy…the newest addition to our family.

Glorious Tran

Glorious Tran

Accounting and Payroll Manager - Integral Services Group

In 2013 I was able to fulfill a lifelong goal and spent six months volunteering overseas, in Ghana.  When I returned and began looking for work, I wanted to find something where I could use my previous education (accounting), but where I would not be sitting in an office by myself, grinding the day away. I know it may sound stereotypical, but people are way more fun than almost ay calculator, and fun in the workplace is a good thing!

Almost immediately I had a chance encounter with Keith Drew, who still owned his previous commercial cleaning business.  Keith offered me a role that had me managing the office, payroll, and saw me working with our operations team, daily.  Later, when Jason and Integral, absorbed Keith’s business, I happily came along.

Today, at Integral, I manage a larger payroll than I would ever have expected, manage our office, still interface with our operations teams every day and get to work hand-in-hand with our HR Team. All of this crazy growth has been challenging, and I have found it very stimulating, both personally and professionally.

Courtney Bevan

Courtney Bevan

HR Generalist - Integral Services Group

I have been working in Human Resources for a little more than ten years now, and if I had to describe myself, I would have to say that I would be called an HR Generalist. That comes from working with organizations that have used me to plug holes where needed, but even more, it comes from Mother Nature. I am highly curious and love to learn new things. My diploma in Human Resources has given me a great base of knowledge and I enjoy brainstorming new ways to tackle problems.

If somebody forced me to talk about my best qualities, I would say that it is my positive attitude and teamwork mentality. I believe that attitude is the largest and most underrated mentality in Human Resources as a whole. I have an open-door policy for anyone in the organization, making it easy to reach her to get help or a better understanding of the task at hand. I flourish in stressful situations and enjoy being challenged.

If a colleague was asked to describe me, they might say that I love to be challenged and even more, I love to challenge others. I have never been known to stay quiet when I see something that I believe should be changed, whether I am speaking to our front-line staff or the President of the company. With me, what you see is what you get.