As travel recommences across the country, hotels will be kept busy as guests flood through. Although positive for restarting the industry, on the flip side it puts a strain on business operations, particularly when it comes to housekeeping staff. A direct solution to overcome this barrier is outsourcing housekeeping needs to a third party.

What does outsourced housekeeping look like?

Outsourced housekeeping means employing a third party to look after your housekeeping needs, from delivering trained staff to providing the equipment and cleaning products. A true test of a good outsourced staffing supplier is one that is proficient at moving their model around based on your needs. This means only providing you with equipment if you need it. It means tailoring staffing based on your needs so whether you are looking for a full suite of housekeeping staff or just temp staff during busier periods, the right third party can help.

 How can you benefit from it? 

One of our divisions, Integral Hospitality, offers the service of outsourced staffing that is tailored to your needs, provides staff that are trained, including your hotel’s culture to ensure consistency across services, and we also offer staffing plans to assure that your operations can run smoothly as your capacity increases once again.

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