Time Efficiency

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Target the best

Our entire team of professionals is dedicated to excellence and committed to our clients complete satisfaction

Long term support

We are constantly working to establish ourselves as the most respected and sought-after commercial cleaning and facility support service in the Lower Mainland.

Building partnerships

We seek to build a partnership philosophy based on solid and trusting relationships with our key stakeholders.
Integral is a family run business built on the principles of honesty, reliability and with personal relationships at the fore.


To paint an accurate picture of Integral Building Maintenance, you need to go back in time to 1984 when Keith Drew and his wife incorporated Executive Building Maintenance. Executive became a medium size player in the commercial janitorial space and was known for their family values and treating their employees and customers with a great deal of respect. Their motto was ‘take care of the cleaners and the cleaners will take care of the cleaning’. It worked.


Integral Hospitality is Integral Services Group’s direct solution for the Hotel and Restaurant industry. IH was created due to the demand that we see in the Hotel Industry for better labour strategies, technologies, and outsourcing. The brainchild of Craig Brown and Brett Mollard, IH has grown and evolved with the industry through the good times and the tough times here in Western Canada.


In today’s world there is nothing more important than protecting the health and wellness of your staff and your clients/guests/visitors. People are looking to work in and visit safe environments.


As Integral Building Maintenance grew, and as the demand for products increased, we realized that our strong backgrounds in the supply-side of the industry, sourcing products and our strong relationships with our clients all added up to a new division.Today we are supplying many of our clients with all their PPE requirements, chemical (disinfectants, hand sanitizers, green cleaning, etc.) and equipment. Our broad range of products gives us a distinct advantage over many suppliers as we are not pigeon-holed into using one supplier.

Integral Services Group is born – doing business as Integral Building Maintenance, Inc. and Integral Hospitality Inc.