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A unique and most advanced program that delivers best-in-class surface protection.

Powered by Aegis, Scientifically Proven and Health Canada Approved

The most scientifically proven durable antimicrobial guaranteed to offer 12 months of protection with a single application.

Best Surface Solution for Various Industries

Customizable to specific industries and clients to ensure the most efficient and effective solution.

Integral Surface Protection Program (ISP)

What is it?

The program is powered by AEGIS (AEM 5700), the world’s most widely used antimicrobial surface coating. It’s a spray-on durable antimicrobial that bonds on all surfaces and creates a protective layer that eradicates germs, microbes and harmful pathogens on contact for 12 months with a single spray-on application.


AEGIS provides a protective coating that is completely chemical-free. It has been Health Canada approved as a durable antimicrobial since 1979 and a single application of AEGIS provides 12 months of protection to treated surfaces. AEGIS is scientifically proven with massive site testing data that provides its performance. Get in touch to find out more.


The ISP Program can offer much more than just an enhanced cleaning protocol. Your finances will benefit from reduced operating costs and your customers will take comfort in knowing that your facility has increased hygiene measures and will feel safer in visiting your location. By adopting the program you benefit from reduced cross-contamination which increases productivity by keeping staff healthy. Being marked with the AEGIS shield lets others know that you care and are taking extra precautions to prioritize the safety and well-being of your staff and visitors. Chat to a team member to find out how you can benefit from it.



Since AEGIS is chemical-free, it means that it is 100% safe to touch and it doesn’t degrade the surfaces that it is applied to. The long-lasting effects make it a cost-effective option for an enhanced cleaning protocol. It is a reliable and credible way to protect against the growth of bacteria, fungus and mould leaving you with the peace of mind that your staff and buildings’ visitors are protected. Contact us for more information.


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Program Details

The Integral Surface Protection Program is one of a kind and the most comprehensive on the market today. It’s customized to specific industries and clients to ensure the most efficient and effective solutions are built into the program.

Every ISP Program adopter will get not only the most scientifically proven durable antimicrobial but also a full package of support from the Integral Services Group. One of the keys to the success of the program is engagement with various stakeholders. We provide various support to ensure a full communication plan for your staff, customers and decision-makers.

Staff Training / Orientation

The on-going support you receive includes assistance in growing staff understanding and knowledge of the ISP Program. This allows you to receive the most from the program by ensuring that staff can communicate why your facility is safer with increased hygiene measures and understands how to implement the most efficient cleaning protocols to reduce operating costs.

Site Testing / Performance Testing

We develop a case study specifically for your property so you can track the performance and efficacy of the ISP Program at your location. This is done through the use of ATP testing which uses bioluminescent metering devices. This has become the most commonly used form of testing for the cleanliness of surfaces and is used worldwide by auditors of commercial cleaning programs.

Marketing Support

We will provide a full year of marketing support to help you engage with your customers and your community about your efforts to improve public safety. We tailor each communication to suit your marketing efforts and to ensure we remain consistent with your tone and voice while educating on how your adoption of ISP Program has made your facility even safer.

ISP Program for Various Industries


Owners and operators in the hotel/ accommodation industry adopt protocols to ensure their facility is clean and safe for guests. The Integral Surface Protection Program delivers more efficient cleaning/ disinfecting operations, saving you time and money. Treating each of the surfaces in your facility with the ISP Program provides 24/7 protection meaning that in between each standard cleaning routine, surfaces are still safe from germs and pathogens. Get specific recommendations for your hotels, contact us today.


Health clinics often have heavy foot traffic which leads to regular contamination across the premises so hygiene needs to be of the highest standard. With the Integral Surface Protection Program, we can ensure that every surface, every machine and every piece of equipment you need is better protected 24/7. Our solution is cost-effective, long lasting and will enhance your ability to keep everyone in the building protected from bacteria and viruses. Let us help protect your facility and your patients, contact us today.


Regardless of the size of your building, if you have people coming and going then the Integral Surface Protection Program can help you better protect your visitors and staff. Our cost-effective solution is long-lasting, provides 24/7 protection and is even designed to protect your HVAC System for cleaner air. Adding this extra layer of protection provides you with the peace of mind that the surfaces in your building are being protected, even in between standard cleaning routines. Protect your facility, contact us today.

Client Case Studies

The Integral Surface Protection Program is widely used across a variety of industries and businesses. Explore some of the current adopters of the program and find out about their experience.

This will be the new standard, the safety of our guests and our team will always be a top priority. I’m extremely confident with all the programs we have adopted, enhanced by the Integral Surface Protection Program, we will lead in rebuilding our industry and making our guests feel safe as they start to travel again

– Paul Jones, General Manager of Sawridge Edmonton and Best Western Plus Sawridge Suites


The Best Western Plus Sawridge Suites, a 151-suite hotel, was an early adopter of the Integral Surface Protection Program. As a result of the on-site testing conducting by Integral, Best Western Plus Sawridge Suites is now able to better allocate their housekeeping resources and streamline their protocols making for more efficient and cost-effective operations. Click here to read the full case study.

Our guests and team members have a greater sense of confidence with the stringent protocols of the Hilton Clean Stay Program combined with protection its proven efficacy against microbes and other pathogens offered by the ISP

– Perry Singh, General Manager of The Hilton Garden Inn


The Hilton Garden Inn, a 180-room hotel, recently became an early adopter of the Integral Surface Protection Program in addition to their Hilton CleanStay program. The Hilton is now enjoying increased satisfaction among guests since the ISP was implemented and 1 full year of protection on treated surfaces meaning there is no need for excessive disinfection. Click here to read the full case study.

Southridge is a co-ed, K-12 independent day school in South Surrey, BC. Southridge has taken every step possible to ensure the safety of their students, faculty and staff and they were proactive in their efforts to be ready as soon as the schools resumed. Southridge wanted to optimize their cleaning regime and were looking for the gold standard of cleaning and one that used a scientifically proven technology.

The ISP Program delivered on this need with a more effective cleaning standard that offered 24/7 protection for a full year after a simple, once off application of AEGIS. Covering all the surfaces from tables to chairs, lockers to sporting equipment, the adoption of the program was a cost effective way for Southridge to make the school safer than ever for its staff and students.

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you`ll find answers to questions we get asked about Integral Surface Protection Program

Is it safe?

Everyone’s safety is our top priority. This program is designed to protect the public so it’s been developed to ensure everyone’s safety.

• 100% Safe

• It’s chemical-free

• It’s non-leaching and it doesn’t leave any chemical residue behind

• No VOC

Can you see it?

It was developed to be an invisible barrier so it doesn’t impact the color of the surfaces it protects. You may then ask, if I can’t see it, how do I know it’s working?


Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, in fact, Aegis Microbe Shield is Health Canada approved since 1979 as a durable antimicrobial, we have massive amount of data and the site testing to demonstrate its efficacy and performance.

Do I still need to clean and disinfect?

The Integral Surface Protection Program is a great enhancement to current protocols issued by public health, best practices provided by industry associations and other regulatory bodies. The Program works well with all other cleaning and sanitation regime, it acts as an insurance that all surfaces are continuously protected 24/7 and in between cleanings.

Does the program make me safer at work?

Absolutely, it’s designed to keep the facility cleaner and safer for not just guests but also the staff. High touch point surfaces in the facility are the very same ones that staff also touch, the ISP program protects everyone.

How often is the application?

All surfaces treated with ISP Program will have protection for 12 months guaranteed with 1 application.

What should I say when guests ask me more about it?

Here are short answers that can help you inform guests of the resort’s initiative.

• It’s a durable antimicrobial that bonds on all the surfaces around the facility.

• It protects by killing microbes and pathogens so all surfaces are cleaner and safer.

• It’s 100% safe and uses no chemicals.

• Our facility has taken all these extra steps to ensure your comfort and safety.

How come I have never heard of this program before?

It has been around and has been Health Canada approved since 1979. It’s been mostly used in facilities that need much higher clean/ sanitation requirements like hospitals and food manufacturing facilities.

Recent developments in health and safety has given rise to the need for a more effective, efficient and safe solution. Combined with enhanced cleaning protocols, Integral Surface Protection Program is the best solution today.

Is it effective against Covid-19?

There’s plenty of data to support that Aegis Microbe Shield is effective against all microbes and various pathogens including viruses. Third party data on efficacy against COVID 19 are with Health Canada for evaluation. We at Integral Services Group are proponents of adopting all safety measures to minimize infection. Our program is part of that solution today.

Do we still need this program after this Pandemic?

The reality is the standard of clean and safe will never be the same, it will be much higher and will need to be science-based. Integral Surface Protection Program will be part of the gold standard of clean.

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