Innovative Products for Your Specific Needs

A continuous focus on seeking and testing innovative products and solutions to always be offering the best on the market.

Outsourced Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Creating an initial supply plan, tailoring as operations progress and assisting in inventory management.

Wide Network of Manufacturers and Suppliers

Benefiting from a wide net of supplier relationships ensuring efficient client operations

Our Solution

Today we are supplying many of our clients with all their PPE, equipment and chemical (disinfectants, hand saniPzers, green cleaning, etc.) requirements. Our broad range of products gives us a distinct advantage over many suppliers as we are not pigeon-holed into using one supplier.

Key Products

We have recently created a portfolio of products focused on ensuring facilities are cleaner and safer.

PPE Equipment

We have the capacity to supply clients with all their PPE requirements, from equipment needs to chemical products such as disinfectants, hand sanitizers, green cleaning and much more. Our broad range of products gives us a distinct advantage over many suppliers as we are not pigeon-holed into using one supplier, making us better positioned to fill your needs.

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Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer

MediDefense mPulse Hand Sanitizer is a revolutionary new formula that is safer, more effective and longer-lasting than any other hand sanitizer on the market. Using advanced antimicrobial technology approved by Health Canada, it provides 8 hours of protection. The ultra-moisturizing formula is gentle on hands, ensuring skin remains moisturized.

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Clean and Safe HVAC

HVAC are the lungs of a building. Most existing protocols for cleaning HVAC systems are impractical, inefficient and costly. The ISP Program with durable antimicrobial on the other hand, is powered by AEGIS Microbe Shield and has been proven to drastically reduce the growth of microbes and pathogens in treated HVAC systems, improving the quality of the air exiting.

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Product Sourcing

Product supply can be unpredictable at times as we all experienced at the beginning of the pandemic when PPE was very suddenly in high demand and short supply. Additionally, there are times when supply needs can be niche depending on the requirements.

We pride ourselves in our ability to source supplies when others can’t, whether it be due to low supply or an uncommon product, helping you to resume operations in a timely manner.

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Supply/ Inventory Management

We work with clients across numerous industries and over the years we have developed a strong awareness and knowledge of supply needs, how quickly supplies tend to run out and the supplies that often get overlooked.

With each project, we draw from our previous experience to help clients develop an initial supply plan and assist in managing inventory as operations progress.

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