Custom Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Considering geographical market and overall hotel operations to put specific needs at the forefront of solutions.

Staffing Solutions That Work

Years of honing in on relationships with professionals and skilled workers to provide just the right talent every time.

Newest Innovative Solutions Tailored to Industry Needs

Using industry knowledge and staff expertise to conceptualize solutions that are both innovative and effective.

Hospitality Services

Integral Hospitality Services was established as a division of Integral Services Group (ISG)  to ensure our services/ programs and solutions are designed to address needs and opportunities specific to the industry.

We take great pride in having an in-depth understanding of each geographical market and overall hotel operations as well the essentials of hospitality staffing. We aim to build long-term partnerships with our clients in this industry, adapting to the ever changing needs while remaining consistently reliable on providing expertly crafted solutions to every need.

Outsourced Staffing

We have built a massive network of professionals and skilled workers over the years and we can help match you up with staff that are reliable and experienced. Regardless of the type of labour you need, we can help you find the right fit. Outsourced staffing allows you to streamline your operations, be more adaptable and respond quickly to market changes. Also with Integral Hospitality, you’re guaranteed that we will provide staffing plans that are effective as well as efficient. 

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Cleaning / Facility Services

There is no surface or texture that we can’t handle, whether it be carpets, floor finishing and waxing, windows or tiles, we have the solution for you. We offer hot and cold water pressure washing to ensure the best approach every time and we slot into a schedule that suits your business needs. Dealing with unpredictable weather can cause strains to operations. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we can ensure that operations remain smooth all year round. 

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Waste and Recycling Management

Part of ensuring your guests have an enjoyable stay is guaranteeing that they feel your facility is clean and hygienic but waste builds up quickly. Even one overflowing bin can affect the experience of your guests and your businesses reputation. We can help you develop the right waste management plan to keep your facility spotless and running efficiently at all times, so you can focus on keeping your guests comfortable. Let us look after your waste and recycling needs.

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Why Choose Integral Hospitality


Integral Hospitality exists to ensure that our programs/ services are specific and based on our extensive industry experience. It’s an industry that is unique in the way it operates and in the staffing needs and services it requires, hence it needs relevant solutions. Our team, with our vast knowledge of the industry, can provide expert advice.

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The industry is highly fragmented and comes with complex requirements from staffing requirements, ad-hoc/seasonal needs to geographical considerations. This is why our solutions are entirely customizable to meet your particular needs at any specific time. They are completely flexible and modular making it effective as well as efficient.

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Our expansive range of services ensure that we have the capability to provide for any need that you have and we can even help you to identify needs that you may not have previously considered. Our list of services is unexhausted as we are constantly adding to our portfolio as the industry changes and adopts.

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