August 4th, 2020

Integral Services Group is proud to announce a new six-year partnership to provide janitorial services to the Emily Carr University campus. This was a process run by Johnson Controls and is a P3 agreement that includes Emily Carr University and Fengate LP.


Craig Brown, one of the partners at Integral Services Group, was very transparent when he told us; ‘Honestly, we knew that we were a big underdog coming into this process. We knew that every company that provides commercial janitorial services in BC would be after this piece of business. We also knew that Bee Clean was the incumbent and they are very well respected in our industry. The campus is beautiful, and it gives us the opportunity to showcase the innovative technologies we are using.’

‘The fact that Johnson Controls and ECUAD recognized that you don’t have to be the biggest company to provide fantastic service, was amazing’ said Brett Mollard, another partner at Integral. ‘The world is changing, and that’s exciting. We are seeing a big move to smaller, local providers that have the ability to react quickly, think differently and are adaptable with very little red tape.’ This is the most recent account acquired by Integral, but expect more in the coming days.